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Around the middle of November 2009 someone with a conscience at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia "leaked" a whole pile of documents and emails originating with the scientists at the CRU onto the internet. These internal communications showed that for more than a decade various scientists at the CRU conspired with colleaugues in the USA to manipulate global temperature data in such a manner that their enterprise was nothing more than a "re-writing" of previously well-established climate history of our planet.

One of the main reasons they did this was simply greed; they wanted to ensure that by painting an apocalyptic climate scenario they could "scare-up the research funding", and continue to recieve large grants of tax-payers money.

While the mainstream media in Europe and North America moved quickly to studiously ignore the breaking news in order to cover-up the fact that the leak had ocurred, their real motives were simply to buy some time. When the story did begin to appear in the mainstream media about 2 weeks later, it was done so in such a manner that they could "spin the leak" by protraying it as a "theft", while they desperately tried to figure out how to "spin the details" of the scientists' fraudulent actvities that were revealed in the documents and emails.

The cover-up that ensued in the mainstream media, as well as the scientific journals that for the past 20 years had actively promoted the ideology of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), was predictably desperate, with some of the scientists whose emails had been leaked rushing to distance themselves from some of their colleagues in order to avoid facing criminal charges of "conspiracy to defraud" the taxpayers of their respective countries. While others came down with acute cases of SRMI ("Self-Righteous Moral Indignation") and began desperately claiming that their private communications had been illegally hacked into by climate change deniers.

But very few people bought into the spin, and the internet came to the rescue of honesty, truth and decency as the blogosphere went wild with analyses of the implications of the massive fraud perpetrated by this small cabal of scientists, and the ways in which greedy politicians with closet totalitarian tenencies attempted to spin, cover-up or simply ignore the revelations.

Unfortunately for the various conspirators the cat was now well and truly out of the bag, and it wasn't long before someone in the global blogosphere coined the term "ClimateGate". From then on this word became the most searched-for term on Google, which, after a couple of weeks or so of rapidly rising numbers of searches for "ClimateGate", altered their precious AlGoreRhythms so that anyone entering the word "Climate" in the Google search engine found that the usual auto-completed suggestions no longer displayed the word "ClimateGate".

What those goverments don't want to see is a movement towards genuine self-sufficiency, where 'MICRO-GENERATION' replaces the centralised national grids. What they really fear is the fact that they simply cannot tax you if you don't consume the commodities that are centrally controlled - hence the CO2 scam and The Great Global Warming Swindle.

Now that the integrity of many of the IPCC Assessment Reports, and especially their 'Summary for Policymakers' documents are coming under independent scrutiny, the dishonest and unscientific manner in which these publications were compiled is becoming ever clearer. An example of this is the January 2010 revelation that the Himalayan glaciers overall are NOT MELTING, and will NOT BE GONE BY 2035.

Furthermore, the glaciers in the mountains of New Zealand have been expanding for a number of years, even during those years that the global warming disinformation networks were telling us were the warmest since records began - or some similar nonsense.


Featured Title
publication date - January 15 2010

"The Hockey Stick Illusion
Climategate and the Corruption of Science"

A.W. Montford

an image/link direct to this product at

Get This Book From:

"Part scientific history and part detective story, The Hockey Stick Illusion tells the extraordinary tale of the iconic global warming graph (created by the US climatologist Michael Mann), the global panic about climate change that it has helped to feed, and the tireless efforts of a lone amateur researcher, Steve McIntyre, that have comprehensively discredited it.

From the earliest attempts to reproduce the Hockey Stick graph, to the explosive publication of McIntyre's work and the launch of a congressional inquiry, The Hockey Stick Illusion is a remarkable tale of scientific misconduct and amateur sleuthing.

It explains the complex science of this most controversial of scientific findings in layperson's language and lays bare the remarkable extent to which climatologists have been willing to break their own rules in order to defend climate science's most famous finding.

Already acclaimed by experts in the field, The Hockey Stick Illusion is an indispensable guide for anyone wanting to assess the credibility of global warming science."


on or about November 18, 2009, someone leaked details from the Climatic Research Unit's email servers onto the net
what emerged were numerous emails between climate scientists, some discussing how to hide the data in the image below

an image/link direct to this product at

click the image above and find out more about the leaking of the CRU's embarassing emails
the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) is based at the University of East Anglia

Below are a selection of YouTube videos that will give you an idea of how the ClimateGate revelations exploded into the public domain

and the blatant attempts to play it down and silence the whistle-blowers


ClimateGate News Headlines Before & After The Carbonhagen Pantomime:

"I will not go says climate chief"     "Himalayan glaciers melting deadline a mistake"     "World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown"     "Lazy Science of Climate Change in death throes"     "Climategate latest"     "British climate expert 'cheered' by Aussie's death"     "Lord Lawson calls for public inquiry into UEA global warming data manipulation"     "The global warming conspiracy the codes reek of more tricks"     "The global warming conspiracy - news spreads"     "Global temperatures are declining"     "Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?"     "The Day The Science Died…:"     "Climate scientists accused of 'manipulating global warming data'"    

The constant denials from those who were caught outright, condemned by their own words, and the many and various attempts to cover-up their importance, got so predicably boring we abandoned the listing of the headlines...........


ClimateGate videos on YouTube reveal
the Low Standards of the IPCC's
claims that it alone holds the
Moral High Ground

the video reports below tell a different story










Some more books about the AGW Fraud

"Blue Planet in Green Shackles: What Is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?"
by Vaclav Klaus & Fred L. Smith Jr. (Foreword)

an image/link direct to this product at

Get This Book From:

"Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, makes the case that policies being proposed to address global warming are not justified by current science and are, in fact, a dangerous threat to freedom and prosperity around the world.

Klaus argues that the environmental movement has transformed itself into an ideology that seeks to restrict human activities at any cost, while pursuing an impossible utopian dream of a perfectly "natural" world.

The supposed threat of human civilization against a fragile Earth has become an article of faith, especially in the realm of global warming activism.

For that reason, pro-freedom voices are needed to reframe the debate to show how a free people can better address the challenges facing Western civilization."

"The Resilient Earth: Science, Global Warming and the Fate of Humanity"
by Dr. Doug L. Hoffman & Allen Simmons

an image/link direct to this product at

Get This Book From:

"A million years after the birth of our sun, the violent explosion of a nearby supernova nearly ended life on Earth before it began.

Over the next four and a half billion years, forces of nature shaped our planet and the life it harbored.

Barely surviving the traumatic birth of the Moon, buffeted by supernovae, and bombarded by asteroids, the resilient Earth endured. And despite planet-freezing ice ages, devastating mass extinctions, and ever changing climate, life not only survived, it thrived.

Today, we are told all life on Earth is threatened by a new peril--human-caused global warming.

The Resilient Earth presents the science behind global warming for a general audience, separating fact from fiction and truth from exaggeration."

"Global Warming False Alarm: The Bad Science Behind the United Nations' Assertion that Man-made CO2 Causes Global Warming"
by Ralph B. Alexander

an image/link direct to this product at

Get This Book From:

"Have you ever wondered why so many people believe recent climate change is almost entirely the result of human activity, even when there's plenty of evidence to the contrary?

It's because the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says so.

This book pulls apart the flawed science behind the IPCC's assertion that man-made CO2 is causing global warming.

Author Ralph Alexander exposes the IPCC's deceptive manipulation of climate data, the roadblocks for the CO2 hypothesis favored by climate change alarmists, and the failed predictions of computer climate models.

Dr. Alexander goes on to examine the consequences of the erroneous, but widespread belief that CO2 emissions need to be drastically curbed for the health of the planet. His analysis shows the folly of carbon trading schemes for regulating CO2, together with common illusions about renewable energy sources."

"Chill, A Reassessment of Global Warming Theory"
by Peter Taylor

an image/link direct to this product at

Get This Book From:

"Although the world's climate has undergone many cyclical changes, the phrase 'climate change' has taken on a sinister meaning, implying catastrophe for humanity, ecology and the environment.

We are told that we are responsible for this threat, and that we should act immediately to prevent it. But the apparent scientific consensus over the causes and effects of climate change is not what it appears.

"Chill" is a critical survey of the subject by a committed environmentalist and scientist. Based on extensive research, it reveals a disturbing collusion of interests responsible for creating a distorted understanding of changes in global climate.

Scientific institutions, basing their work on critically flawed computer simulations and models, have gained influence and funding.

In return they have allowed themselves to be directed by the needs of politicians and lobbyists for simple answers, slogans and targets."

"A Layman's Guide to Understanding the Global Warming Hoax"
by Leo Johnson

an image/link direct to this product at

Get This Book From:

"The propaganda of man-made global warming has been promoted by those with a political agenda by suppressing the truth and spreading fear.

In this effort they have recruited academics, media, environmental groups, governments, the United Nations, even religions.

Scientific evidence supporting man-made global warming has now been investigated by scientists and found to be baseless. Examination of the data has revealed the theory of climate change for the propaganda it is, derived from erroneous data, junk science, even scientific fraud.

Now, for the first time, the American people have available to them an honest discussion of man-made global warming and climate change that is easily understood by those without a scientific background. Using well-documented scientific facts, The Layman's Guide exposes the global warming hoax for the authoritarian assault on individual freedom it is."

"A Climate Crisis a la Gore: The Real Profit Pushing the Perception of Manmade Global Warming"
by Paul F. Spite

an image/link direct to this product at

Get This Book From:

"This comprehensive treatise examines the systematically created perception of man made global warming.

It dissects the incredibly flawed science in the Oscar winning documentary primarily responsible for public certainty in this crisis.

The techniques used in An Inconvenient Truth are evaluated using the ideas of its creator, expressed in his recently published book. The words and claims of those involved in this movement are compared to their actions and lifestyles.

Possible motives of the most active in pushing a perception of this emergency are discussed. Easiest to comprehend is the hundreds of billions of dollars currently flowing to these players, derived from our acceptance of their claims.

Our elected representatives are poised to validate this supposed crisis and its supposed solutions with pending legislation, further increasing profits for our environmental saviors."

"The Sky's Not Falling!: Why It's Ok to Chill about Global Warming"
by Holly Fretwell

an image/link direct to this product at

Get This Book From:

""The Sky's Not Falling: Why It's OK To Chill About Global Warming" is for parents sick of seeing their kids indoctrinated by has-been politicians and Hollywood stars.

Unlike books written by would-be celebrities without any scientific or economics background, "The Sky's Not Falling" is everything a book about the environment written for kids should be: fact-filled, apolitical, fun and optimistic about the future of our magnificent, ever-changing planet.

In "The Sky's Not Falling," author Holly Fretwell, a natural resources management expert, shows kids ages 8 and up that human ingenuity combined with an "enviropreneurial" spirit will lead us to a bright environmental future, not one where people ruin the earth.

Parents confronted by Photoshopped pictures of drowning animals and faux "documentaries" will embrace a book that educates rather than manipulates. Holly Fretwell brings real credentials to the debate, giving kids the scoop not just about global warming, but the real-world consequences of the Left's responses to it."

"CO2, Global Warming and Coral Reefs"
by Dr. Craig Idso

an image/link direct to this product at

Get This Book From:

"Coral reefs have managed to survive for eons. Now, we are told, they face the threat of extinction as a result of CO2-induced global warming and ocean acidification. Will these biological wonders of the world's oceans soon cease to exist?

Dr. Idso is to be commended for this excellent review of the research on the state of these fascinating underwater ecosystems.

There have been predictions that increased ocean temperature and acidity will reduce rates of coral calcification, weaken coral skeletons and cause coral death.

Dr. Idso reports that contrary to the models predictions there is no simple link between high ocean temperatures and coral bleaching, and that corals adapt and respond to their environment.

Many times this is a replacement of the zooxanthellae during stress induced bleaching by varieties that are more tolerant of that particular stress. "

"Heaven And Earth: Global Warming - The Missing Science"
Ian Plimer

an image/link direct to this product at

Get This Book From:

"The book's 500 pages and 230,000 words and 2311 footnotes are the product of 40 years' research and a depth and breadth of scholarship. As Plimer writes:

"An understanding of climate requires an amalgamation of astronomy, solar physics, geology, geochronology, geochemistry, sedimentology, tectonics, palaeontology, palaeoecology, glaciology, climatology, meteorology, oceanography, ecology, archaeology and history."

The most important point to remember about Plimer is that he is Australia's most eminent geologist. As such, he thinks about time very differently from most of us. He takes the long, long view. He looks at climate over geological, archaeological, historical and modern time. He writes:

"Past climate changes, sea-level changes and catastrophes are written in stone."

Much of what we have read about climate change, he argues, is rubbish, especially the computer modelling on which much current scientific opinion is based, which he describes as "primitive". Errors and distortions in computer modelling will be exposed in time. (As if on cue, the United Nations' peak scientific body on climate change was obliged to make an embarrassing admission last week that some of its computers models were wrong.)"

The Earth's climate is driven by the receipt and redistribution of solar energy. Despite this crucial relationship, the sun tends to be brushed aside as the most important driver of climate. Calculations on supercomputers are primitive compared with the complex dynamism of the Earth's climate and ignore the crucial relationship between climate and solar energy.

"To reduce modern climate change to one variable, CO2, or a small proportion of one variable - human-induced CO2 - is not science. To try to predict the future based on just one variable (CO2) in extraordinarily complex natural systems is folly. Yet when astronomers have the temerity to show that climate is driven by solar activities rather than CO2 emissions, they are dismissed as dinosaurs undertaking the methods of old-fashioned science."."

The review above appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald on April 13, 2009

unadulterated common sense about the realities of scientific fraud and the great global warming swindle

Watts Up With That
Climate Audit


Used Junk Science



In mid November 2009 news broke that data from the servers at the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit had been leaked by someone with a conscience, and many embarrasing emails were posted on the internet.

Emails between some of the world's leading climate scientists have shown that they have engaged in
'deliberately and systematically suppressing scientific research'
which definitively shows that man-made Global Warming is not happening at all.

In fact these scientists, whose every word is taken seriously by gullible politicians, have consciously misled everyone for one simple reason:


It's the TAXPAYERS MONEY that pays their salaries and funds their dishonest research objectives.


From looking at the details in the hacked emails is is clear that those same scientists know that CO2 is NOT responsible for climate change

Stay tuned and we will bring you full details of those emails shortly...


"The Earth's climate is driven by the receipt and redistribution of solar energy. Without this there would be no life on Earth. Despite well-documented linkages between climate and solar activity, the sun tends to be brushed aside as the driver of climate on Earth in place of a trace gas (carbon dioxide - CO2), most of which derives from natural processes. The CO2 in the atmosphere is only 0.001% of the total CO2 held in the oceans, surface rocks, air, soils and life."
Plimer, I.,
"Heaven And Earth: Global Warming - The Missing Science"
Quartet Books, London, July 2009, p. 10


Environmentalists throughout the world have been simply conned by an unholy alliance of artful washed-up politicians, and greedy scientists eager for academic fame and lifelong research funding, into believing that the warming climate observed and measured in the late 20th century has no precedent in the past few thousand years.

Despite their best efforts to use the environmental movement to attain high level jobs in some sort of future 'Green World Government', not all of their covert strategy is going to plan.

Well-documented events in history, archaeology, astronomy and geology tell a much different story to that promoted by the IPCC and their supposed 'consensus' of scientists.

In the last 2,000 years or so the Earth has seen no less than five alternating periods of 'global warming' and also of disastrous 'global cooling'.

In date order, they are:

"The Roman Warming"
(approx. 250 BC to AD 450)

During 'The Roman Warming' it was much warmer than it was in the second half of the 20th century.

In those times both vines and citrus fruits were able to be grown as far north as Hadrians' Wall marking the border area between England and Scotland in Britain.

It was a global climatic event

"The Dark Ages"
(approx. AD 536 to 900)

At the abrupt beginning of what has become known as 'The Dark Ages' the mean temperature in many parts of the world dropped considerably.

It coincided with the passage of the Earth through the Taurid-Arietid meteoroid complex, much of which was sub-micron dust that remained in the atmosphere for some 12 years, cutting out solar radiation which adversely affected photosynthesis.

This resulted in rapidly widespread crop failures upon which the mainly subsistence-farming societies of the times were totally dependent.

Those societies soon fell apart, the event marking the final demise of the once mighty Roman Empire and the end of the classical world.

It was a global climatic event

"The Medieval Warming"
(approx. AD 900 to 1300)

During 'The Medieval Warming' period it was a lot warmer than it was in the second half of the 20th century, and vines with grapes ripe enough to turn into good wine were grown as far north as Northampton in England.

So much good wine was produced in England at that time that French wine merchants complained that the English wine imports were ruining their businesses.

It was a global climatic event

"The Little Ice Age"
(approx. AD 1280 to 1850)

During 'The Little Ice Age' it was extremely cold with increased storminess and variable see-saw temperature spikes and troughs which led to famine, disease and very rapid depopulation in many regions of the world.

Eastern Europe lost almost one third of its population, while in western Europe almost half of its population was lost to the bubonic plague that accompanied the famine.

It was a global climatic event

"Late 20th Century Warming"
(approx. AD 1850 to 1998)

Since 1998, the supposed 'hottest year of the 20th century', the mean global temperature has cooled. Yet dishonest politicians such as our old friends Al Gore, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and many others, alongside dishonest scientists such as Michael Mann (of the thoroughly discredited Hockey-Stick graph fame), Dr James Hansen, who is Director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), and the now thoroughly discredited Sir Nicholas Stern, have all attempted to con the rest of the world into believing that the late 20th century warming trend is still continuing, is getting much worse, and that if "they" don't get a climate treaty at Copenhagen in December 2009 the world will be doomed...

In their disreputable efforts to pull the wool over the eyes of the general public, politicians, and even the great mass of gullible environmental activists, a small cabal of only a few dozen scientists in the UK and USA undertook to "smooth out" the well established temperature record for the past 1000 years and published their creations via the IPCC.

The really warm decades of the 1920s and 1930s, including the real "hottest year of the 20th century", which was 1934, disappeared from their dishonest graphs and lists, as did the "little cooling" period from around 1940 to around 1975.

As the global temperature started to rise again from around 1976, the "global warming hysteria" started to build, maintaining its momentum right up to the recent Carbonhagen pantomime of December 2009, despite the fact that the planet has been cooling again since around 2001, with big temperature drops "measured" all around the world since the arctic sea ice failed to melt in 2007 in the way that the IPCC computer models predicted they should have done.

2010 is on course to be one of the coldest years on record, as the sea ice expands and thickens rapidly in both the arctic and antarctic polar regions, and satellite images show undisputedly the true extent to which this is actually happening.

Yet the politicians in the developed world are carrying on as if the global temperatures are still rising, and in this they are being aided and abetted by the media and also the younger environmental activists who know little about environmentalism other than opposing the supposed threat of global warming.

This is a global para-political event





Environmentalists in the late 1980s initially welcomed the decision by the United Nations to set up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), under the auspices of the UN's World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Program.

But, over the next 10 years or so, as the IPCC Assessment Reports began to be scrutinised by independent scientists, many of the free-thinking environmentalists started to have grave doubts about the so-called 'evidence' presented in the reports.

Concurrent with this realisation by some of the original environmental pioneers, they also began to notice an influx of what could be termed 'very enthusiastic new volunteers' in a number of organisations under the 'green' umbrella, many of whom it later emerged were in fact seasoned and veteran political activists from a wide spectrum of the 'hard-left' and 'anarchist' groupings.

In the mid to late 1990s many of the elder environmental pioneers saw a major change in tactics emerging within their various organisations. Gone was the initial green spirit of finding simple ways in which to live in harmony with nature -- this new intake of environmental activists were arrogant, smug, and above all 'intolerant' and 'aggressive' towards anyone who questioned their belief in anthropogenic (i.e. human-made) global warming.

Special vitriol was directed towards honest scientists whose researches and measurements of the 'real world' repeatedly demonstrated that the computer models of the climate that the IPCC used for their 'emission scenarios' produced nothing more than what could be expected from any 'virtual reality simulations' of our planet's highly complex climatic systems.

Then some very naughty antics by one of the lead authors of the 1995 IPCC Assessment Report began to emerge after a comparison between the report that had been approved by the contributing scientists and the published version revealed that a number of changes had been made even after the scientists had met and accepted what they thought was the final peer-reviewed version.

In two 1996 articles published in The Wall Street Journal that are no longer available on their website, these key changes were detailed.


"None of the studies cited above has shown clear evidence that we can attribute the observed [climate] changes to the specific cause of increases in greenhouse gases."

"No study to date has positively attributed all or part [of the climate change observed to date] to anthropogenic [man-made] causes."

"Any claims of positive detection of significant climate change are likely to remain controversial until uncertainties in the total natural variability of the climate system are reduced."


"...the balance of evidence suggests that there is discernible human influence on global climate."

The two articles published in The Wall Street Journal were entitled
"A Major Deception on Global Warming" posted on June 12, 1996
and "Coverup in the Greenhouse?" posted on July 11, 1996, and were reproduced in full here. But as of April 23 2015 when the URL was checked it was no longer available.

Despite this, the IPCC continues to be taken seriously by politicians, scientists whose jobs depend on continued climate change research funding, and the totally uncritical environmental activists alike.

So Where Does This Leave Honest Scientists Whose Work Show That The IPCC Computer Models Are Very Seriously Flawed?

Probably the best place to look for the promoters of intolerance who are responsible for the threats towards anyone who dares speak up against the totalitarian antics of those now running the once-respectable green organisations is in the words written from their own poisonous pens:

"Almost everywhere, climate change denial now looks as stupid and as unacceptable as Holocaust denial."

George Monbiot
The Guardian

And this piece of really dangerous totalitarian nonsense written in support of Monbiot:

"When we've finally gotten serious about global warming, when the impacts are really hitting us and we're in a full worldwide scramble to minimize the damage, we should have war crimes trials for these bastards -- some sort of climate Nuremberg."

David Roberts

Why are they becoming so violently desperate that they want to curb free speech and silence opposing views?

The answer to that question is not easy, but it is probably that their computer models are flawed, their green taxes scam has been sussed, and their covert support for the nuclear industry is now out in the open for all to see ...

When Did The Nuclear Industry Infiltrate Greenpeace?

The best person who could answer this question must be Dr Patrick Moore, the founder of Greenpeace:

"We can agree renewable energies, such as wind, geothermal and hydro are part of the solution. But nuclear energy is the only non-greenhouse gas-emitting power source that can effectively replace fossil fuels and satisfy global demand."

Dr Patrick Moore
The Miami Herald

And What Were His Reasons?:

"Even UK environmentalist James Lovelock, who posited the Gaia theory that the Earth operates as a giant, self-regulating super-organism, now sees nuclear energy as key to our planet’s future health."

How Sick Is That?


Cosmoclimatology News Headlines :

"As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather"     "Solar Dynamics Observatory: The 'Variable Sun' Mission"     "Ice Ages Linked To Slight Shifts In Solar Radiation"     "Beware the climate of conformity"     "A brief summary of Cosmoclimatology"     "Cosmoclimatology"     "Cosmoclimatology: The SKY experiment"     "Cosmoclimatology: The CLOUD experiment"     "Solar activity the primary driver of global temperature rise"     "59 Additional Scientists Join Scientists Dissent Over Man Made Global Warming Claims"    


The real cause of Global Warming is of course :

the real cause of global warming

listen to the groovy party mix tunes that the polar bears are enjoying?

Apocalypse Later .......


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